Strengthening church planters to multiply churches that reach every man, woman and child in the greater Houston region.

HCPN is a 501 C(3) non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible gift is will help in planting churches across the greater Houston area.

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Saturation {Saturation with Intentionality} We value the saturation of gospel centered churches because in order to impact the city we must intentionally plant the gospel in every neighborhood and with every people group.

Collaboration {Collaboration not Competition} We value collaboration because partnerships and a unified effort of missional churches will be needed to reach the city.

Multiplication {Multiplication over Addition} We value multiplication because in order to reach the growing and diverse population of Houston it will take the exponential expansion of new church planters and churches.

Formation {Spiritual and Strategic} We value formation in the lives of church planters because healthy and equipped church planters lead to healthy and effective churches.